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TruLife Distribution Is Streamlining Success FOR GROWING BUSINESSES

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., 9/20/22 Far too many good business ideas fail before they have a
chance to truly succeed. Many great ideas are turned into startups by ambitious entrepreneurs
who know their craft, have their finger on the pulse of their target audience, and have genuine
solutions that address their needs and pain points. However, too often, these successful
startups fall apart when they start to gain momentum.

It’s an issue that TruLife founder and CEO Brian Gould is all too familiar with. “My team and I
have seen this countless times,” says Gould, “As the pressure to scale a company’s operations
increases, it becomes difficult to manage its success. Ramping up production, taking care of
distribution, and crafting effective marketing strategies start to take up all of a team’s time. And,
of course, all of that redirected time and effort isn’t going toward crafting and maintaining the
products or services that generated their success in the first place.”

This struggle between balancing creative entrepreneurship and managing growth is a hurdle
that many companies fail to clear. It’s also why Gould founded his company, TruLife

“TruLife Distribution exists to provide the marketing and distribution support that many growing
companies need,” says Gould, “It’s hard to come up with the cash required to manage these
areas of a business internally — at least, at these earlier stages of growth. TruLife Distribution is
a great way to affordably outsource the responsibility while still maintaining professionalism and

The TruLife Distribution team is made up of veteran marketers, salesmen, content creators, and
others who can take care of strategy, logistics, and red-tape minutiae. From digital marketing to
PPC advertising, warehousing, insurance, and even FDA compliance, TruLife Distribution is set
up to streamline the growth of its clients — all while keeping their outsourced activities in the
hands of American workers. This frees business owners up to focus on what they do best:
creating products and services to help their target audience.