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What Is ECRM? (And Why Is It Important for Health and Wellness Retail Success?)

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At Trulife Distribution, we have created a blueprint for mass distribution in the health and wellness industry. Our approach scales promising nutraceutical brands using a combination of targeted e-commerce, digital marketing, and brick-and-mortar retailer placement.

That final item comes from our established network of retailers as well as our regular attendance at ECRM conferences. If you’re unfamiliar with ECRM, here is a quick breakdown of the organization and why it has so much potential for your growing brand.

What Is ECRM?

ECRM (which stands for Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing) is the bridge that brings together the worlds of brands and buyers. The goal is to enhance networking opportunities and streamline the discovery and placement process. 

That said, ECRM isn’t a typical tradeshow. Its emphasis is on curated one-on-one meetings, which take place in industry-targeted sessions.

For retailers, ECRM helps them quickly find the latest and greatest innovations to stock their shelves. For suppliers, including health and wellness brands, ECRM’s conferences provide a unique opportunity to get the attention of major retailers who are interested in hearing about their products.

ECRM has a powerful track record as a facilitator of retailer/supplier relations. The organization has brought together tens of thousands of brands and retailers in millions of meetings. Many ECRM conferences specifically target the health and wellness sector, making it an ideal place for growing brands to make the leap into the big leagues.

TruLife’s Track Record at ECRM

For manufacturers of vitamins, supplements, and other health and wellness products, ECRM is an unparalleled opportunity. That said, coming face to face with a representative from Walgreens or Vitamin Shoppe is just the first step. 

The U.S. nutraceutical industry is massive, and there is plenty of competition, even at ECRM. You need to make the most of each brief conversation. This requires knowledge and experience to properly position a product as a viable and desirable option for a massive brick-and-mortar chain. This is where TruLife plays a key role.

TruLife Distribution’s founder and CEO, Brian Gould, is an ECRM veteran. He has been attending ECRM sessions since 2009 and continues to do so 15 years later as a primary way to help the suppliers he represents expand their distribution channels at scale.

Brian and his team have mastered the art of aligning appointments, preparing for presentations, and promoting the right products to each retailer. They have placed hundreds of domestic and international brands with brick-and-mortar and online retail chains through ECRM. They have built connections with retailer representatives and function as a key contact point, bringing buyers and sellers together across the health and wellness supply chain.

If you’re struggling to land larger accounts for your health and wellness products, ECRM is a great option, and Gould and the TruLife team have the knowledge, experience, and connections to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time. 

We are your catalyst to take your brand to the next level through ECRM. Let’s talk next steps

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